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Custom Breast Forms

Know your Choices…after Mastectomy, Lumpectomy and Reconstruction or for Breast Anomalies

A Viable Option to Breast Reconstruction

Achieving a symmetrical appearance after breast surgery can be challenging. A custom-made breast prosthesis may be the perfect solution. Molded to fit only your body, custom breast forms offer a personal fit and choices not available with standard off-the-shelf breast forms.

Custom breast forms are a non-surgical option to reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy. They fill the overwhelming desire of cancer survivors to create an anatomically accurate breast prosthesis that simulates the remaining breast and tissue as much as possible in color, contour and shape - including the nipple and areola.

Most women who have undergone reconstruction experience changes in their life (weight gain or loss, natural aging process, etc…) causing their reconstructed breast to no longer match their remaining breast. Partial custom forms can restore a symmetrical appearance.  Also, many women opt not to have the nipple and areola surgically reconstructed or tattooed on. Custom nipples and areolas can be made to match the color, size and shape of the remaining nipple and areola, complete with projection if desired.

Genetic or Post-surgery Breast Unevenness Can be Corrected

For women with uneven breast development due to genetic reasons or for those who have had reconstruction but are still experiencing some imbalance, custom partial breast forms will provide the symmetrical appearance that is desired. In addition, if a woman has any asymmetry of her breasts, she will have difficulty finding a bra that fits.  More importantly, she often has a negative self-image because of the unevenness and feels self-conscience about her appearance.  Frequently, she compromises her choice of clothing to hide the unevenness of her breasts. But, partial breast forms can solve that problem by helping fill in missing breast tissue. The forms fit inside any fashion bra, enabling women to wear, with confidence, the clothing styles they enjoy.

Your Contour.  Your Shape.  Your Profile…Restoring Self-Confidence

Custom forms restore natural symmetry. They are lightweight, cool, comfortable, natural-looking and do not require a pocketed bra. Women with active lifestyles greatly benefit by using a custom breast form.  But equally or more importantly, are the benefits to women who are full-breasted, suffering from osteoporosis or lymphedema, or are hard to fit because of the unevenness of their surgical site.

Custom breast forms are hand sculpted and colorized to match your remaining breast as closely as possible -- something that cannot be achieved by a standard breast form. There are over 25 colors to choose from to match the skin tone of the breast tissue, areola and nipple, including freckles and veins.

Regain a Sense of Wholeness without Surgery

Because the form was designed specifically for the each woman’s body, the fit is totally unique and the look is completely natural.  Custom breast forms feel comfortable and move with the body, even when active or exercising and allow for the continued wear of the same style bras, camisoles and work-out clothing that were worn prior to surgery.

Custom full and partial breast forms use innovative materials to replicate human skin as close as possible, providing a realistic look while mirroring the natural drape and movement of the woman’s intact breast. Now every woman can be who she wants to be and do what she wants to do without a second thought.